Friday, 11 October 2013

Dozens of Dogs Tortured

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Mătăsari authorities have caught the attention of police and veterinarians after locals complained that quadrupeds are starving and cramped in a very small enclosure. In addition to representatives of the Association ProAnimals, spot DSV inspectors arrived, and an officer in the area who began an investigation. There are taken dogs gathered in the streets.

Citizens of Mătăsari were the ones who alerted authorities about the fact that the animals are tormented by claiming that they care. This however did not come on site to open those from Pro Animals and DSV. After more than three hours of waiting and showed up a City Hall employee who allowed inside. "This can not be called a shelter. It is totally illegal and improvised. Dogs do not have water, food, and even 15 are kept in a pen ten square meters. I believe that it violates the law in an act. I was in the spring and DSV police dogs were released then. I will probably criminal complaint mayor and landowner. It uses public money and you see that, "said Carmela Şerbănoiu, head ProAnimals Association. People are desperate because they were taken before the courts even dogs "dogs were raised sides. They took me a dog and I came to pick up and so I saw. It's a lot of misery, without food and water, "said Tatiana Andries, locals Mătăsari. Even if citizens were informed a few weeks DSV representatives went to the site just now. "It's kind of shelter if I can say so. An area where dogs are kept, but not to tell them if the conditions for their health or about the distance at which we were allowed to see. The law provides for individual cages, 1.90 m space for each dog, "said Robert Spanu, representative DSV Gorj.

Why are allocated money?

To care for these dogs local government allocates money. How quadrupeds live there one check. The city fathers are good only at theory. "I know this paddock was built by a private person. Mrs. Şerbănoiu has been to us and we also report the dogs were released. Now I have not checked the conditions are kept because we work to put in place the law in September and location for them. Have money in the budget to bring running water lab. Are dogs and Hall Mătăsari gives money for food. We matter to these dogs, but the Health Center for people that are not interested in anyone, "said Alexander Udrişte, deputy mayor of Mătăsari. The case reached the attention of the County Police Inspectorate: "Police were informed that at an animal shelter in Mătăsari dogs are not cared for properly. Cops do research to clarify the status quo, "said Romina Dochian, Gorj county police spokesman. It remains to be seen how people will act and will be sanctions law.

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