Thursday, 10 October 2013

Written by Ionel Blănculescu. Advisor to the Prime Minister of Romania

2nd October 2013.

Nothing managed to fracture and Romanian society against each other more than the Parliament's decision, endorsed by the Constitutional Court to legislate today, in 2013, and the development of European civilization at this time, the mass murder of an entire population canine, as collective punishment and the ultimate solution for solving a problem, otherwise extremely obvious, but with contemporary solutions and not primitive, more than worthy of the dark ages.

It created a very deep rift in Romanian society, between half of the population and half animal lover, animal lovers of ADEPT final solution to solve a major problem that society faces. The population is divided, and the hatred between the two halves is horrible. But besides this feeling of mutual hatred, which I think Romania did not need at this point in its development, on a background of the global crisis seems endless, cooperation and solidarity is rather the defining dimensions needed something happened extremely regrettable that affects half the population loving animals, loving people. It is a truth that does not need to be proved, who loves animals, loves people, who does not love animals does not love any people, the latter are the ones who actually do the most harm to people, society, nation, the country in general, which I have not found, "quod erat demonstrandum. ' 

If I had to do a sketch of the person who loves animals and people so no, I would say that is evil, irrational, cynical, conflict, during the entire life did only evil and wickedness all rot and pus turning it frustrated the many unfulfilled, especially personal, which is harder to see with the naked eye, thanks to the rule of dominant position in society, temporal course, against a population of animals, dogs, so close man. It is found especially among young people, some of them of course, without generalizing, those without a solid education, deficient in reading, education, music, other than that adopted by those with both pathos, the only lever that can raise consciousness yet informal rudimentary thinking, behavior still undetermined, but species equally and adults, especially those had received for that which is not theirs, and especially what bothers them is against them and must be eliminated, Regardless of the method. They, along with their offspring, and encourages you sometimes are those who poison dogs, hit them with stones or whatever, making them some of them when I see kids identify their executioners, reacting as rarely it is true, that is actually defending, even against their species, of its existence. But when some children are beaten regularly and not only when you get stones in the body associated with pain when you wake up with a boot in the belly out of nowhere and when I broke my nose is a direct blow to the nose, red-il blood or even worse, when you are served instead of a mouthful of bread, a bowl of antifreeze and die in pain or remain to live with sequels and unimaginable pain, how can you react? Those who ordered the mass murder today are complacent to such explanations are complacent in pain, except their pain or acquaintances of the family, hence my horror at the thought of how we are different, even if we assume that we are all humans . 

Extremely different than civility example of Austrian, German or French, where the animal's way to be treated, reflecting the absence of such extreme size difference between men, all loving being, whether human or animal, dog cat or whatever or even plant. Look only how to treat animals in zoos of the respective states, from national Holocaust in Romania in this field. Otherwise very similar situation to Zimbabwe, in Africa for those who do not know the details of geography, where after a few days 87 elephants were poisoned, dead in agony, only and only for some ivory. How can we ask an important city mayor, who day ask council to agree with transforming citizens in the city pound, versus 5 to 10 lei, which collect and bring dogs at the shelter. Quote: 

"I will propose just to increase efficiency, to pay citizens who bring dogs in the shelter, the raspberries, we will organize a collection area, somewhere here in Pitesti area with a charge, a payment that will be anyway less than operator will collect dogs. I propose to give 5 or 10 lions animal. Both " 

How evil and must be cynical to think in such a way through excellence barbaric to allow homeless, homeless , nerealizatilor, frustration and other categories suburban to slaughter dogs to catch probably more dead than alive through performances macabre, sinister, in front of city children, of parents, grandparents of European citizens employed in transnational companies of the locality for a 5 or 10 lei paper. Cata mind you need to understand that these peripheral appearing after a pinch or more of the plastic bag with glue will Tabari including over people in the yard, taking their dogs will arrive in Bucharest, where he will lead the unfortunates in the collection here. How much intelligence and good faith you need to understand that break all the rules of the EU, ours does not matter, you're mayor and some of these mayors can do anything they want in our country, European rules prohibiting raising dogs other than specialized staff , pound naming is this term, so abominable, by its very particularity specific action Dambovita, totally different from the civilized, but what does it matter if all the mass killing of dogs collected? 

After a fairly consistent digression, back to what is happening today with half the population of animal lovers, the evil which it was made. Human life has changed radically animal lovers from mass murder when legislating on canine population. They live a hell, a permanent nightmare, suffering enormous jerk sleep at night because of the macabre dreams, the appearance pound live dramas, trying to save their dogs to being strangers, who are seen and considered, even before getting caught , gentle on the sidewalk or in a corner of the building, or on the grass, she waits unexpected, as national atrocity victims. 

Every day is an ordeal for them and get some looks with regret narrowed first rays of the sun, the morning, knowing that another terrible day awaits. Marked both at home and at work the tragic situation, many have lost focus, are always sad, suffering, not only socialize with a group of friends with the same ambitions, trying to find solutions punctual local fauna rescue friends. Their major concern is to use every day in full before the beginning of the massacre to save their dogs around the house or office, which we know from years and years, feeling close to some old friends. They keep asking and endlessly repeated questions about why that is irresponsible grandmother indicted by the Prosecutor, for gross negligence, leaving a child unattended 4 years wandering through the park and through private areas like hell, within a radius of 2 km, where he could find the end in more ways than fatally occurred, what those parents as irresponsible grandparents who knew quality, yet allowed him to deal with how to care for their children, they become TV stars, from day one, while others have suffered in silence Black vigil and the days following it, days of excruciating pain for any father or mother and not days of endless television appearances as they try, without expecting even the baby's soul to ascend to heaven with rapacious lawyers getting money baby dying smelly sulfur as compensation or damages. They wonder how unworthy to be those who ordered the mass murder program of the dogs in the street, given that the true reservoir dogs that feeds street, courtyards people from towns and villages, supplying major urban concentrations thousands and tens of thousands of dogs annually. 

unless you believe, because I'm an economist and except animal lover, I invite you to a simple calculation: a community with 3,000 families include at least 3,000 dogs, one for each household , and we know that usually there are more, but we stick to this minimum. The sterilized 3,000 dogs in two annual reproductive cycles produce a minimum of 6,000 dogs. Where do you think these dogs get? Extrapolated to the entire dog population of houses and courtyards, from town and country and you will shudder at how Romania will kill many years to come. Of course, the solution is the Clam years and years by specialists, namely a law requiring sterilization of dogs in the first phase of the court and then other management measures that population. Do you know why there is this: the politicians afraid of losing votes to not force those who own dogs, large mass electorate to make an effort in this regard, some of them are so backward that I think that sterilization means a curse and not what actually is. I do not expect the second half the population to understand something of what I express them who still enjoy moments apart starting genocide, holocaust canine population, drooling pleasure at the thought that will eliminate those unwanted items that bother them go and refined living. 

Curiously, when walking his respective vacancies existing in the Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, where dogs were not massacred, living peacefully in the streets (be noticed in a photo taken recently in Turkey communion between child and dog on the street) course after completing mass sterilization program, which began in Romania nor the money is spent as Transylvania Motorway however, that for 10,000 dogs neutered to date were distributed and spent as sterilization 3 canine population, not raise claims, I hope you do not give ideas and ask the European Commission in Romania expansion of the program in those areas. November skip this mass sterilization program, resorting to barbaric final solution. In fact, I think we have a vocation to destruction and not for construction and other subject thinking on the agenda, mining, open me all throughout the world, just us closing a 580 so far, and we created a authority specializing in closings and openings not me. This so as an example of what I've become. 

Thing they want is to resonate with animal lovers, it supported one soul in pain rips us, asking us all how cruel suffering that may be live, and if it is the same for all. 

Beloved animal lovers will confirm that yes, we all suffer enormous pay every moment of love for our friends dumb, but so sensitive and loving word through everything and we know what they so well that, far deeper than any word in that half our population mean and cruel and is a continual suffering. We hope the solidarity of Europe, the whole civilized world to stop the massacre he prepares thoroughly in well padded and equipped offices.  already registered horrible hard to imagine today, caused by the atmosphere created by those who planned the slaughter of dogs in Romania: 

- tens and hundreds of dogs poisoned with various poisons, their death in terrible agony; 
- dogs severed head; 
- Dogs killed by freezing / freezing 
- introduced dogs alive in plastic bags and asphyxiation by closing them; 
- overcrowded shelters over night, the dogs are eating each others hunger 
- monsters of men, disguised as shelters owners organized ad hoc advantage of the situation created, ostensibly to save as many dogs recover from the plague, earns 100 lei each for each dog so called "saved" from the clutches of death in shelters exist in fact some vacant land in the open, where people in good faith believe I'm the poor dogs to rescue them, but which die in pain and more high total and devouring starvation group. After they are buried, not to be found by rescuers on subsequent visits. Needless to say that authorities do anything about it, that is not it, you have to kill them anyway, what difference does die; 
- other atrocities unthinkable in a country in this century. 

Dear animal lovers will admire, appreciate and respect suffering, efforts belief that more can head something that eventually someone will mind from the novel, whatever it is that can stop great injustice is coming! We are still in the period in which we pray for life necuvantatoarelor, suggestively called the best friends of man 
to unite, this beautiful half of the population of Romania, with a big heart and beautiful, people between people, lovers of life that respects the right to life of every being and fight for it, to continue the fight, both at home and in Europe, to end the suffering of an already started to stop the ferocious massacre of an entire dog population in this part of the world , a century that I'm embarrassed to pronounce it and to stop this unimaginable horror, staged in the most insidious way possible, once pretext arose in an atmosphere reminiscent of that of Inquisition, in a certain dark period of history. 

Admiration and gratitude for the 300 artists and personalities of Romanian and world that supports the love of life that have been in a group invaluable, unique greatness of spirit that govern it, to defend the right to life of the unfortunate condemned already! 

Mr. Radu Beligan, Mrs. Oana, Mr. Marin Moraru, our dear loving life,  defend life, indeed euthanasia as a form of mass murder canine population in Romania is a barbaric act. voice you, so respected all over the Earth, the voices of our friends in the European Union and other parts of the world, I hope to enlighten the minds of bloodthirsty, with contempt of life, regardless of what kind of life you exchange them, although I doubt, criminal convictions and give strength to those entitled to right this wrong! And if not, return back to live with the remorse that represents all that is pure and beautiful Romanian spirit. 

course, the rest of us, because we are human, we will settle their remorse and continue fighting to stop genocide canine canine massacre of the entire population of Romania!

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