Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Navodari is alert to where a person was unknown to spread hundreds of toxic pills, possibly Furadan, and poisoned food for dogs and cats.

A 2 year old girl was hospitalized in serious condition after reaching toxic substance in the park near the building where he lives. So far over 30 community animal died, and another 10 to master.
Locals are simply desperate and afraid for their lives. One using poison risk jail, even if it may have been a man terrorized by stray dogs and village authorities wait measures.
Hundreds of berries with deadly effect were scattered in the streets and parks of Navodari. 2 year daughter play quiet when her parents, a few feet away, saw it as it collapses. Furadan poisoning is particularly severe, doctors say, and untreated can lead to death in 20 minutes. The patient should be brought to the hospital where he will administer the antidote and i will make gastric lavage.

Animals are more sensitive. In their cases death occurs more rapidly. Basically, after ingesting the substance, the heart and lungs of a dog, for example, block the animal foaming at the mouth and dies in minutes, no more than half an hour.

Under pressure from local residents, the police took the case and the mayor's representatives swear they did not want to get rid of stray dogs in this way.

Furadanul is a highly toxic substance previously used in agriculture. It is banned in Romania in 2008, and those who still employ it risked imprisonment.

So far police in Navodari failed to uncover the ones who spread poison. Moreover, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Worse, however, that other dead animals are found all over the city.

Investigators say where, unfortunately, a person will suffer because of these pills involved will be charged with involuntary bodily injuries or death if it occurs, manslaughter.

Up to this time the authorities have not officially confirmed if it was Furadan, although specialisitii argue that all animals that died symptoms indicate this.

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