Friday, 18 October 2013

Puppies Killed by Zooland Tecuci

Today's update from here

Today 18.10.2013 I was at Tecuci Public Shelter to visit Fetita and her puppies but NONE of the puppies are there anymore :((( ......I asked the Director and one of the carer and they could not give me an answer , the director just said " they died" ,I asked why and he just told me " I don't know" . I wanted to adopt Fetita but he said to me that just in the next week I can go after her , to adopt her, even if someone just left the shelter with an adopted dog when I entered in, and more then that he told me that I have to pay for everyday Fetita spent on the shelter 16 Ron (aprox. 2.5 punds per day) , adoption rate 150 lei (26.78 pounds) and capture and transport charges !!

More , the director has told me that he can kill the dog in 14 days because on euthanasia law , and said " No, you can not , cuz' the Mayor said he wont aply the euthansia law in Tecuci Shelter " !!! I'm afraid I'm not gonna find Fetita alive next week when I wanna go after her. 

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