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Serious Irregularities in Mihăileşti ASPA shelter: Dogs bite wounds covered, dead dogs

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September 20, 2013 - 4:39 p.m. • Amalia Balabaneanu

Dogs ill treated and packed in miserable conditions. Found that NGO representatives who participated Thursday in control by prosecutors of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (High Court of Cassation), along with representatives of Sanitary Veterinary Authority (ANSVSA) away from the Authority for the Supervision and Mihăileşti Animal Protection. Razvan BANCESCU manager ASPA, it said on Friday that bothered NGO representatives accompanied prosecutors sheltered from Mihăileşti, where control was based on the Law on the Protection of Animals. NGO representatives and photographs made in the shelter, but not allowed to publish them until the end of the investigation by the Prosecutor's Office. ASPA representatives did not respond to phone, to give a reply to the allegations.

NGO representatives who participated Thursday in the control run by the HCCJ prosecutors, sheltered from Mihăileşti accuses shelter employees that they keep the dogs in poor conditions and do not provide necessary treatment to the sick. " We have participated as representatives of civil society under the law 9/2008. controls, which started after the tragic event in early September, aimed at detection of possible economic crimes and acts of animal cruelty . Regarding animal cruelty, I found overcrowding in housing. According to European law to which we are affiliated should follow a space for each dog to not damage their health because of overcrowding. However, there are boxes with individual cages found in standing by two dogs, although it should be one, and speakers with multiple dogs. were many in large dogs, each 20 to 30, put the bunch, who had brought a few days. In large speakers, first not allowed to spend more dogs that are put to a random aged dogs. they should be isolated by age, sex and disease medical, or we found when we got there, it did not do any expertise by age, sex and health. they risk being placed randomly kill each other, or the healthy bite to eat food the A sick so I noticed also sick with a health deteriorated, barely standing, were extremely weak. Some had fractures with tissue bleeding, other bleeding and flies into a standing huge number , "he told Alina Ciobanu Association representative dog, dog for B

NGO representative say that, although the dogs were ill-treatment has not been made ​​on them again. " By 9:00, I saw the health of those animals, and up to 17.30 am asked a doctor to intervene to help them. Whenever I asked to intervene to help that dog I was told that they are busy with papers and it is so important to provide medical treatment to the dog, while the doctor was free and only boss - Dr. Popa - see their work with representatives of the Prosecutor's Office, during inspection. I also asked the representative ANSVSA Mrs. Ciurea - department head of animal welfare, international connecting Romania to the OIE animal welfare - take a firm stance at that time. I said, "Honey, do not you see that people are busy? How to busier and dogs?. "When I asked when they could do something for her response to me ironic that you can not do anything because the sheets are now the Prosecutor treatment, and they can not perform without treatment to pass something on the form. Basically, the dogs will be treated indefinitely , "said Ciobanu.

However, NGO representatives also stated that no cages were not in a very good situation. They have wooden floors and dogs sit directly on the cold cement, no matter how cold it is outside. Moreover, when caregivers cement wash water, dogs get to sit in a puddle basically water, according to Alina Ciobanu.

Another issue that has sparked criticism by NGO is to feed dogs lying on the floor. " The dog did its needs in one hand and his food was relatively close to the stool, in the context in which speakers are very small. At one point, caregivers were clean, sweeping and feces and food, throwing absolutely everything, and making it a great big waste of food. Where ASPA has no money for some bowls of food or some wood floors so that, according to European standards, the animals do not suffer, money for food to squander and throw to trash? when I asked this question I was told that the food may be contaminated with feces and therefore throws and they assume this thing , "said Alina Ciobanu.

During Thursday's control, NGO representatives found a mother in a cage with several puppies, one of which was dead. When he tried to find out why the dog died, no-one knew anything about his existence. " I requested to do a necropsy by a national authority that can do this. initially opposed but later a body left for necropsy. cooler I found and a dead dog, and far I know all yesterday (No - Thursday) at Pallady found 10 dead dogs. folks at Mihăileşti shelter said the dog did not belong to them, even if he was on the stand number 34 in the housing, with mom and littermates, because it was not made ​​entry form and does not exist in their database because Mihăileştiul still refuses to take the chicken. From their point of view that is not their dog and is a huge anomaly "said Alina Ciobanu.

Association representative dog, dog, says that even ANSVSA dealing representative animal welfare nesecotit all these aspects directly related to their physical well-being at the time.

ANSVSA representatives have declined to comment on what they found shelter on the grounds that the investigation is still ongoing Prosecutor.

ASPA announced Friday morning that because of shelter dogs Mihăileşti sheets were raised by prosecutors, are suspended all adoptions from the shelter. P rocurorii say, however, that adoptions can continue.

ASPA has sparked criticism once the Protocol on catching stray dogs. According to this protocol, three firms that in 2012 were involved in activities such as "business and management consultancy", "dental care" or "intermediary in the sale of furniture, household goods, hardware and ironmongery" activities that had nothing in common with animals', the ASPA will receive £ 219 each for every dog caught .

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