Thursday, 3 October 2013

The killing has started in Romania. Dogs can now be killed with nitrogen, electric shock, etc., according to specification Romanian veterinarians.

Dear Animal Friends,

As the majority of you know, the Constitutional Court on 25 September ruled that the law of mass killing is constitutional requirements. With this decision, the Constitutional Court of Romania has its own decision was determined in January 2012 (where that euthanasia can be applied only as a last resort, only after all the solutions were applied accordingly by the local authorities and will not reduce the number of dogs or the termination of the phenomenon have led) contradicted.

The Constitutional Court has thus demonstrated the lack of sincerity and the abuse of power (next to the Parliament, the Government, the President).

On the same day the President of Romania has signed the law and have in force!

The dogs can be killed in any case, while the representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have no right to be present! 
The National Veterinary Authority and the College of Veterinarians (institutions that fight in every country except Romania for the welfare and the lives of animals and not against it) have agreed. 
The College of Veterinarians has introduced into law the requirement that the killing is carried out not only by the accepted in the European Union euthanasia (general anesthesia and then lethal injection), but to the guidelines of the Romanian College of veterinarians has to follow (a kind Veterinary Association). This means:

The dogs are "euthanized" with carbon dioxides, carbon oxides, chlorides, potassium, nitrogen, electric shock / electric shock, bolt shots, cruel and torturous killing methods that contradict the concept of euthanasia.

The National Veterinary Authority has eliminated by law the right of independent animal welfare organizations to be present in the custody at the euthanasia of dogs!

Thus violate this Act, which legalized the mass killing of dogs, not just the human dignity and the physical and mental well-being of the Romanian civil society, but also any ethical and European standard relating to the protection and animal husbandry!

So how do you know this was incredible war against stray dogs by the case of 4-year-old boy, Ionut, under the assumption that he was killed by stray dogs caused. Since the immediate decision that was killed by Ionut 5 stray dogs, without investigation, without evidence, without information, now a lot of evidence have come to light and continue to appear that this case was rigged, the press ignores everything!

A video which demonstrates the meekness of a street dog in relation to a child in a park in Bucharest:

Actions! What can you do!

We intend actions before the European Court of Human Rights to undertake the Venice Commission, the Court of Justice of the European Union, but this will last, so you will not stop the massacre now!

We are intending to start legal actions in Romania, as well as contradictions in the instance of the leadership of euthanasia, but also that will last, while experience proves that the accuracy and justice in Romania are not to have

But have late effects, while we have to find solutions to stop the massacre NOW! As of today, the counting of the 14 days begins!

Right now, the only chance of the dogs are your pressure, the representative of your country and the orders of the European Parliament and the European Commission. Therefore, the pressure of these two institutions are extremely necessary.

Romania violated the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals which was ratified by Romania in 2004, after the Article 13, "Exceptions for capture, keeping and killing" "Exceptions Field of the principles laid down in this Convention for the capture, keeping and killing of stray animals can be made only if they are unavoidable in the context of government programs to fight diseases. " In this sense, every EU citizen a letter TO THE COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES FOR FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH COMMUNITY LAW concerning the non-fulfillment by Romania of the obligation of respecting Community law, ie, of the Convention (the form can be downloaded in any language, here: ) address.


I have to ask you, PROTESTS TO SEND:,, koen.doens @,
,,,,,, relatii.publice @,, amr amr @ . ro,,,, cabinet.presedinte @, cabinet.presedinte @,, dacianaoctavia.sarbu @ europarl .,,,, @,, florin.tecau @, constantin.polexe @ cjarges . ro, viorica.raducanu @,,,, @,,, contact @,,, cristian.stancu @,,,, simona.ionescu @ ,,, cristina.iancu @,,,, @ Mediafax . ro,,,,,,,, focus @,,,,,,,, online @ DIGI24. ro,, mioara.radu @,,,,,, office @ rtv. net, eugen.chelemen @, malina.popa @,,,,

You can use the protest letter below or write your own letter:

Subject (example): Stop dog massacre in Romania!

Subject (example): ** Stop dog massacre in Romania!

Madams and Sirs,

Mass killing is simply not the answer and is totally unacceptable in the civilized world of today.

MASS neutering is the only LONG TERM solution for the decrease of the stray dogs phenomenon, as it AIMS to the source of the trouble.

Law 258/2013 Regarding the mass euthanasia of the dogs is against the commission of the European Convention Ratified by Romania, it CLEARLY contradicts the European norms Regarding animal protection, it is contrary to all the conclusions of the studies Performed by specialized institutions as the World Health Organization (WHO) did Concluded that dog slaughter has no result on the dog population in the street, it is contrary to all conclusions and results Deriving from the mass killings and euthanasia in Romania, it is contrary to all results Obtained in Oradea, Lugoj , Cernavoda and in other countries where = 93catch, neuter and return = 94 lead to the almost complete eradication of the strays situation.

The law Regarding the mass euthanasia destroys morality, human dignity, it gravely Affects the physical and psychological welfare of the society and it denies the constitutional right to physical and psychological integrity.

We ask the President, the Government, the National Sanitary Veterinary Authority, the City Hall to show morality, wisdom and common sense and preventDefault to the implementation of a monstrous law, not dignified for the present century and whichwill not lead to the resolving of the trouble.

We ask the European Commission, European Parliament to have a decisive and strong position and to make use of any legislative possibilities in order to stop the massacre of the dogs in Romania.

In case the Authorities in Romania persist in abusing Their power like the Constitutional Court has done by Adopting a decision contrary to its previous decision, persist in pursuing reprehensible Decisions, persist in demonstrating brutal and immoral behavior, continue to apply aggressive and corrupt actions, all part of a program for Implementing a horrible massacre and Which is in contradiction with the degree Which civilization has reached Europe, ROMANIA WE REQUEST THAT IS EXCLUDED FROM THE EUROPEAN UNION!

Name, country 

Thank you! 

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