Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Walking dogs in public space has become criminals in hell called Romania 2013!

Translated from Original Link here.

Walking dogs in public space has become criminals in hell called Romania 2013!Local police and a corrupt structure more than poor training, aligned circles of influence of mayors, framed with people whose only quality is that they are cells, nephews, mistresses clique mayors with a rudimentary school ... fines for people walk their dogs on the street. Let me walk your dog on the street, in a public space, it became an offense / crime in Romania deeply corrupt today, on the verge of collapse! Ha lu but Nant! 

 Here below message Anna Dragutescu : "We have a new problem from the administration: as HCGMB nr.120/2010 prohibited pets on green spaces, wherever they find them . Today my husband came home with a warning from the General Directorate of Local Police District 3that was staked by cameras located in Alba Iulia and sanctioned rounds as walking the dog there. A crew of patrol police arrived immediately and sanctioned him with a written warning from the photo. We need a major change in the law, otherwise all the foster dogs that we may walk in your own living room. There are fine for those with cars in green areas, but for dogs. So we encourage Oprescu understand ... " PS: Obviously, in Bucharest there amenjat spaces for walking dogs. There are just fine! Scheme is our family if we think of lifting cars by organized crime groups sponsored by the mayors. Obviously, without there being ample parking!

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