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Dogs are being killed in Pitesti again! Protest letters are needed!

From original source. Via Occupy For Animal.

Below, the message received from Carmen Arsene (FNPA):

In 2000 the images of dogs killed in the forest of Pitesti city, loaded in carts and thrown into a ravine terrified the international community. Back then, due to the lack of proper animal protection legislation (which was much later adopted) mistreatment and killings were not prohibited, therefore any animal abuse could have been judged morally at the most, but was not considered illegal.

However we managed to stop all atrocities by handing over the stray dogs management to a German association which founded AULIM, in Romania, and a shelter of 3000 dogs, which I coordinated till 2007, when I withdrawn and focused on national level. During this period, in 2004, we got an official agreement with the municipality for running a sterilization and return program.

So, Pitesti became one of the few cities in Romania where dogs stopped being killed 13 years ago. 

Soon the situation will be different. The Municipality Pitesti organised the own Stray Dog Public Service and is preparing to mass kill the dogs neutered and returned in the territory by AULIM and, as well, all the dogs who will continuously refill the teritorry after the neutered ones are eliminated. The killing of dogs will be done right in the new public shelter (built with 530 000 Euros, public money!). Even more cynical is that the Municipality’s shelter is located just 200 m away from the AULIM shelter. 

The city Pitesti is among twelve European cities which compete for the title “European Green Capital”, which based on entrants’ environmentally friendly urban management. How “friendly management” can be defined for a town that kills the “environment”? 


Send a (short) protest letter to the addresses below! It is preferable to send your own text; if not, you can send the sample letter (you can find it at the end of this email) and also by fax and/or by mail.

►► EMAIL ADDRESSES:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Primaria Pitesti (City Hall Pitesti)
To: Mr. Tudor Pendiuc, Primar
Str. Victoriei nr. 24, Pitesti, Jud.l Arges, cod 110017, Romania
Fax: 00 4 0248212166

Directia Sanitara Veterinara si pentru Siguranta Alimentelor Arges (Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Direction Arges)
To: Mr. Daniel Lupu, director
Calea Campulung Nr. 4, Pitesti, Jud. Arges, Romania
Fax: 00 4 0248212532

Consiliul judetean Arges (County Council Arges)
To: Mr. Constantin Nicolescu, Presedinte
Piata Vasile Milea, Nr.1, Pitesti, cod: 110053, Arges, Romania
Fax: 00 4 0248220137

Prefectura judetului Arges (Prefecture of Arges county)
To: Mr. Cristian Soare, Prefect
Vasile Milea, Nr. 1, Pitesti, Jud. Arges, Romania
Fax: 00 4 0248 216 463


For the attention of:

Mayor of Pitesti
Local Council Pitesti

For information of:
County Council Arges
Prefecture of Arges county
Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Direction Arges
Mass media Pitesti

IT IS UNACCEPTABLE that after so many years of stray dog management performed by AULIM with private donations from European citizens and organizations and sterilizations and care by citizens from Pitesti, YOU RECENTLY DECIDED TO KILL THE DOGS IN PITESTI.

Please note that during the 2001-2013 period:

- 40,000 dogs (adults and puppies) were collected from Pitesti (although in 2001 there were only maximum 3,000 dogs total)
- 31,000 dogs were sterilized by AULIM (of which about 2000 are at present in Pitesti territory)
- 23,000 dogs were adopted- mostly in Germany.

Although NGOs and citizens continuously requested the implementation of sterilization programs for all dogs with owners, you did not act in this direction and thus you allowed thousands of dogs to be abandoned leading to the continuous dog refill of the city streets.

Your attitude seems ungrateful towards the money and the tremendous efforts of the EU member states citizens, especially Germany, which invested millions of Euros in your city and made Pitesti well known at international level.

It is unacceptable that instead of trying to involve the animal welfare organizations in the process and implement Oradea/Romania model, you've decided to destroy 13 years of work and achievements performed with the money of moral, compassionate and civilized European citizens.

It is equally unacceptable to promote misleading information regarding the ''growing'' number of dogs in the street, or regarding the number of people bitten by stray dogs, or the ‘’hundreds’’ of complaints.

The reality is different since we are flooded with protests of citizens from Pitesti against the abusive killings of dogs in Pitesti.

If you start killing dogs and considering that this attitude is a great offend to European Union citizens who have invested in sterilizations, treatments, international adoptions, building and maintenance the largest dog shelter in the world, we reserve the right to inform all relevant international institutions. Being also informed the city Pitesti is among twelve European cities which compete for the title “European Green Capital”, we also ask European Commission to DISQUALIFY Pitesti in the competition for Green Capital Award because besides the above mentions, killing action is, as well, a high harm of the mental integrity of society and threatening the environment in which people live taking into consideration the fact that the killing will increase the number of dogs in the street as everywhere was proved!

From your side, we are expecting gratitude and wisdom, hoping that you actually want to solve the problem of stray dogs, which can be achieved by implementation of sterilization programs, especially for the dogs with owners and by working closely with NGOs in order to MANAGE THE SITUATION IN A CIVILIZED, MORAL AND EFFICIENT WAY BY MASS STERILIZATION INSTEAD OF KILLING THEM!


[your name & country]

For German please see the post of Million Actions.

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