Monday, 18 November 2013

Steven Seagal Supports Romanian Stray Dogs

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Actor Steven Seagal passed through on Sunday afternoon, a dog that he named Grivei of Dogtown shelter near Bucharest , donated four tons of pet food and claimed that it would provide further support for continued investment in this center .

During the visit he did Sunday in the village of Dogtown shelter Uzunu , common Călugăreni , Giurgiu County, American actor Steven Seagal said he has studied the internet situation of stray dogs in Romania .

He said he is aware of the " tragedies " that happened in Romania , adding , however, that tragedies occur when dogs are not supervised and are not cared for.

Steven Seagal said he decided to set a good example , both colleagues and Romanians , stating that it would support the adoption of the program dealing Dogtown shelter .

"I want to thank you for building such a shelter ," the actor told the shelter representatives , stating the need for the development program to reduce the number of adoptions are stray dogs on the streets.

The actor said that he has four dogs in the United States and is a supporter of the cause of animals.

According to President Ascoiaţiei Portico , Florian Fugasin , Steven Seagal passed away a quadruped sterlizat , vaccinated , registered and holds acts of those who are in the shelter foundation , signing Sunday afternoon for adoption agreement , which obliges the actor send monthly sum of £ 60 for animal maintenance .

"It is a normal gesture naturally that every citizen can do , in the country or abroad . Actor Steven Seagal explained that unfortunately can not take the dog adopted today ( Sunday , no) , but showed interest in how that can help us to continue investing in Dogtown shelter " , said AFP , Florian Fugasin , who explained that all animals housed in the center passports international adoption.

According to him, Steven Seagal and wanted a Romanian name for dog adopted and the two names, Patroclus and Grivei , chose the latter . However, the American actor Portico Association donated 4,000 pounds of food for animals.

Dogtown is one of the projects of the association Portico . Currently, the area of animal protection center in Uzunu are over 1,400 dogs , the organization continues to develop units to provide space and people who want to protect their stray dogs giving them medical care, food and shelter.

Steven Seagal , born on April 10, 1952 , is an actor, producer and screenwriter, he plays in many action movies . The actor is also the master of Japanese martial arts , black belt with 7 dani aikido style . The films in which he played had total revenue of over 923 million dollars worldwide. Steven Seagal is a known environmental activist , an animal rights activist and a supporter of the Tibetan independence movement .

Actor Steven Seagal visited Romania several times in recent years for a number of shootings .

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He was taken to a lovely clean shelter! They would not show him the truth! The Death camps public hell shelter. Cover up again By Romania!!

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