Friday, 21 March 2014

Dog Catchers Ambush Four Paws Private Shelter. [Updates]

 15.40 O'CLOCK UPDATE Action illegal hingherilor ASPA, who vandalized the shelter from the ADP 6 and place their PAWS, is told by a witness who witnessed the whole operation. John Carpenter: "at around 14.00 came about 13 cars of the ASPA, with gendarmes. Broke the padlock of the shelter and began to destroy the Paddock gates. Vandalized simply everything. It's hard to describe why brutal methods they used to pick up the dogs. To my protests, catchers were threatened with beating. During this time, the gendarmes asistau complacent all these things. I told them that's not normally what happens, that dogs are dead, and they replied that to sit quiet. After you have finished with the vandalized the two pens of FOUR PAWS, next to the clinic. They trampled the gates and destroyed everything. Luckily I managed to recover my 5 dogs in the shelter, which i squeezed into the personal machine ".

At this time, several representatives of the FOUR PAWS are The 25 police to file criminal complaint against ASPA for vandalism, burglary and theft through penetration. 

UPDATE 16.37 dozens of dogs lift the illegal dog catchers ASPA, brutal methods, from the 6th District Court of ADP and place their PAWS were transported in the middle of Los Angeles. Most of the dogs were sterilizați, microcipați, booklets and health had to be moved to a new shelter. The arrival of machinery was filmed shortly ago.

UPDATE 19.30 PAWS to Team tried in vain to obtain access to Makati City shelter for the recovery of the 15 dogs caught abusively catchers ASPA today. PAWS members arrived at the shelter at around 4 pm and requested the intervention of the local police, bearing in mind that, according to the law, public access can be made daily between 10.00-18.00. Police entered the shelter and recorded the statement of interior, according to which "the open between 10.00-14.00 because working in the prison system". FOUR PAWS keep to clarify that, according to an official of the Prison Administration response, it does not have the "authority in determining the terms of access for the public visitor".

Source - Four Paws.

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