Friday, 21 March 2014

Razvan Bancescu: Aspa will limit the adoptions for 6 NGOs and 25 persons starting on monday

Razvan BANCESCU, Director General of the Authority for the Supervision and Protection of Animals ( ASPA ), said on Friday that the organization will block Monday adoptions of dogs in certain areas, as some dog owners have made false declarations regarding their adoption. NGOs and individuals , through false statements or abandonment had not complied with the adoption of stray dogs will not be allowed , starting on Monday, to take animals, announced BANCESCU. 

The ban covers six non-governmental organizations and 25 individuals, said coordinator Authority for Supervision and Protection of Animals (ASPA). This measure was ordered after the district found in their case, false declarations about adopted dogs and even their abandonment. ASPA coordinator gave as an example, in this context, the case of an individual who has a adopted a dog that was later found in the yard of a kindergarten Razvan BANCESCU also said that municipalities sectors 1 and 2 refused the request for verification of compliance by those who have adopted stray dogs, although they allocated money to manage stray dogs problem. "Sectors 3, 4, 5 and 6 made these checks. District 2 responded that this activity is the responsibility of the local police, and the same problem we have in District 1, where we found out that local police is dealing with only the dogs that are in the shelter of this administrative area of the capital (Odai street), "said BANCESCU. 

He also added in the video below: "We have no more problems with the management of dogs because we started to euthanize them. We have room in Bragadiru shelter for next week's caught dogs, meanwhile in Pallady and Mihailesti shelter the term will expire for the rest of the dogs..."



Anonymous said...

krankes arschloch. ab ins kz ich helfe gerne.

evelyne staebler said...

BARBARES!!!! you kill dogs , go to hell!!!!!

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