Monday, 7 April 2014

ASPA stole a dog from an old woman with semi-paralysis

Original video in romanian: Description below: "On 03.04.2014 an old woman with semi-paresis was walking with her dog in IOR park Bucharest, Romania. 3 cars full with dogs catchers\killers arrived there and stolen the woman dog. The dog wasn't find in any of the public shelter who belong to ASPA. The people you see in the video are very sick, the woman is with depression and semi-paresis and her husband has a very serious heart disease operated with bypass. They had all the proves that the dog belonged to them he was adopted and now the dog in not in any public shelter. They were even accused by the leader of Mihailesti "shelter" that they sell the dog and now they try to recover him. When they called at the ASPA the phone was hanged up on them. The leaders of ASPA are still in their functions although there are proves that they broke the law. ASPA is the public authority who kills stray dogs. ASPA is subordinated to the Bucharest City Hall ruled by Sorin Oprescu the mayor of Bucharest. ASPA is ruled by Bogdan Treeroiu and Razvan Bancescu who is the godson of Sorin Oprescu, doesn't have studies necessary to rule this authority and he and the other two heads of ASPA are under the investigation of DNA -- National Anticorruption Directorate for a prejudice of 1.000.000 euros. Against Sorin Oprescu, Bogdan Treeroiu and Razvan Bancescu are made many criminal complaint because dogs catcher, private dogs catchers actually who receive 50 euros/dog, stolen many dogs with owners. They used an unorthodox method to count the numbers of dogs from Bucharest and they decided that the number is 65.000 dogs. Due to the fact that dog catchers broke the law by violating private properties with the help of police officers to steal the dogs, by stealing the dogs with owners or entering in private shelters to steal the dogs, we all think that these 65.000 dogs only exists in houses of people, not on streets. Due to the fact that the budget for catching and killing stray dogs is huge this year (2014) -- almost 7.000.000 euros, they do all their best to use them even if they have to steal dogs from the arms of the owners. We are very worried that they broke the law using the police officers who in fact are paid to protect us, not to abuse us. Last news was that killing stray dog will be made secret, to give them all the power to abuse animals and people who own the dogs and to steal our money. This is all done with the agreement of our country leaders because they all use their silence to approve this. Similar cases were in Constanta and they seem to expand all over the country because people fear for their lives. We demand the intervention of EU authorities to stop the mass killing of stray dogs and the abuses against animals and people. We must tell you that the other measures to neuter and register dogs with owner was postponed for another year, after 25 years authorities killed hundreds of thousands of dogs without results, not taking real measures to stop and punish abandonment of dogs. The person who conducted this interview (Daniel Tomescu) was banned to enter in public shelters belonging to ASPA because he recorded all the abuses of ASPA's leaders. All public shelters are funded by our money, but they act like they own those places."

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