Monday, 7 April 2014

Head of ASPA, shocking statements: NGO's illegally transport dogs in other countries for bestiality

ASPA chief made shocking allegations about the NGO's that deal with the adoption and protection of the stray dogs. Razvan Bancescu argues that NGOs illegally transport stray dogs from Romania to other countries where the dogs are used for bestiality.

The head of ASPA claims that after the dogs are taken off the streets, they are loaded into trucks and taken abroad, where they are subjected to sexual abuse. These are not just isolated cases, says Bancescu, but a whole industry of zoophilia.

"Some get adopted, so that is a success, some end up in temporary shelters from where they are redistributed as needed. Whether for clinical trials or for other adoptions, but we don't know if that really happens, or for zoophilia. (...) Yes, yes, bestiality", said Razvan Bancescu, according to Romania TV.

Thursday night, 400 stray dogs were transported from Bucharest to other countries like Germany, Sweden and Finland. Behind this transport are around 20 NGOs.


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