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Mayor of Constanta Radu Peas Arrested.

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Mayor of Constanta Radu Peas was arrested Tuesday night for 24 hours. DNA prosecutors accuse of having taken bribes totalling 175,000 euros from Avraham Morgenstern - a representative of the company that built the campus social housing "Henri Coanda".

In reply to retain mayor, several dozen people gathered in front of City Hall Constanta starting at 10:45. According to Tuesday, protesters came mainly from Henri Coanda social campus. They yells racist chants "Freedom", "We want the mayor", "peas, peas", "We want to Bucharest". Some protesters sheets with slogans such as "DNA, Henri Coanda will fight", "The wind, the rain, Chioru he beat" (spelling it added).
It is not the first protest for release of peas. Tuesday night, more than a hundred residents of campus social Henri Coanda have held a rally to support the mayor of Constanta. One of the protesters said, according to Mediafax, the shares will continue every day until Radu Peas released. The protesters plan to gather signatures to initiate a bill to hold them accountable on magistrates who commit criminal acts.
Radu Peas, arrested Tuesday night for 24 hours.

Prosecutors say that in exchange of 175,000 euros, the mayor of Constanta had intervened for that company to win the tender and increase thereafter, the contract value, with almost 900,000 euros .

Along with Radu Peas was arrested and Avraham Morgenstern, who prosecutors accused of bribery. They will arrive Wednesday in front of magistrates proposing preventive arrest .

" We built the cheapest of Romania houses for the poor and look what I got, shame Basescu! " - Pea said to journalists, gathered in front of the DNA.

Anticorruption prosecutors argue that the 175,000 euros were given into several installments. Then, the money would follow a hidden circuit through accounts belonging to companies off shore accounts in banks abroad, known juridisctii restrictive conditions on international judicial cooperation in criminal matters. For the money, Radu Peas carried out a series of steps that are the responsibility his duties as initiating local council decision, which was favored trading company represented by Avraham Morgenstern. But increasing procurement contract by nearly 900,000 euros, say the investigators, at the request of Abraham 
Morgenstern. The latter was also detained, prosecutors accusing him of bribery.

Radu Pea DNA

Henri Coanda social campus were built before 906 housing for needy people, the investment amounting to 31 million lei . Tuesday night, more than 100 people who live there took to the streets to support it Radu Peas.

Tuesday morning, his house was visited by Radu Peas masked. Investigators were searching for documents, and other evidence in support of the criminal case opened on behalf of the mayor. Pea however, was not at home, but at Bucharest, where he participated in a forum on tourism. Investigators have found a terrace Herastrau Peas. Surrounded by fighters of special forces, the mayor has raised large documents on a table and followed at the DNA. While waiting for his lawyers, Pea smoked and drank coffee at the window of the institution, where he greeted journalists.

Radu Peas

It is the 4th open investigation on behalf Radu Peas. In the first three being investigated in connection with the return of land.

Pea is mayor for 14 years and leader of the PSD Constanta branch 10. During this time his men won all elections, local europarlametare and against competitors. Wednesday, with Avraham Morgenstern, Pea will go before magistrates proposal for preventive detention . This file should be targeted and an MP, judicial sources said Tuesday. And for this reason, proposals for preventive detention shall be settled by the Supreme Court.

Chronology of events on Tuesday, April 8, 2014:

TIME 11:22 p.m. Radu Pea DNA was detained by prosecutors after he was questioned for several hours at the headquarters of the institution. The mayor will be presented the court with a proposal for preventive detention.

19:00 "Radu Pea does not refute. Na reached the DNA with floats, but the gendarmerie vans and initially seem very affected. then relaxed, enjoyed a coffee on one of the windows of the DNA, where it has sent to journalists that his lawyer still waiting. Na gave declarations, but welcomed the jovial journalists. At the end of the day, it may be issued an apprehension order. charges are not clear, but it talks about bribery and influence peddling " , sent the News Pro TV correspondent, Ovidiu Oanta . 17:00 DNA Searches made by prosecutors to City Hall Constanta and Mamaia home Radu Peas ended Tuesday afternoon at 17:00, after about nine hours, leaving investigators with several boxes of documents. Deputy Constanta, Decebal Fagadau said at the end of the search, the authorities have made available to prosecutors all requested documents related to the construction of social housing district "Henri Coanda". He added that investigators were asked, among other things, decisions by the City Council on this campus and building permits. The deputy said the mayor's office was searched and Radu Peas, but that prosecutors " did not find anything there "and City Secretary's office, Marcela Enache, without activity being disrupted City Hall. " I'm also surprised that we have not asked us to send these documents. really I did mention that if you want more information we provide. speak of public documents, decisions of local council approvals and building autotizatii. These documents have been raised in the original , "the deputy said. At around 17.00, anticorruption prosecutors concluded and searches made at the home of the Mother of Pea, where they were raised also several documents.

15:50 Radu Peas mask was raised outside a restaurant in Herastrau, where he was taken to the DNA. those who went up to him and Radu Peas presented its documents based on which the action occurs . After reading the documents, the table on the restaurant terrace Pea went accompanied by masked. 15:00 Pea Radu was brought to the National Anticorruption a van to investigators, being flanked by masked to the entrance of the DNA. Asked if he is afraid of prison, Radu Peas said:

"I'm not afraid of jail, only God." chief prosecutor DNA Codruta Kovesi, said Tuesday that he was prosecuted in case they were made several searches, among them the mayor's house Radu Peas, adding that this case relates to facts within the competence of the Department. "It is a case tool for prosecutors in the central structure of the National Anti corruption Directorate. During the morning were made approximate 12 house searches to certain individuals and a public institution, "said Codruta Kovesi. chief prosecutor DNA did not specify which existing charges in this case, saying only that the object file within the competence aims facts Directorate.

08:00 DNA prosecutors started this morning at City Hall searches shares Constanta Mayor Radu Peas at home. It is a file that acts of corruption are concerned.
Searches are only at the two addresses, namely City Hall Constanta and Mamaia Pea Radu home, located on Lake Ovidiu. Constanta City Hall representatives sent Tuesday morning, a press release stating that searches DNA prosecutors made at the headquarters of the district includes the construction of social housing in the city, Henry Coanda, investigators requesting documents related to the project. The paper presents details of the project district "Henri Coanda" and that in the first phase were built 906 homes for people in need, the facilities mentioned in that each studio or apartment. The press release also states that the investment is about 31 million lei.

" The documents requested by prosecutors are prepared and will be delivered shortly to the DNA , "also mentioned in the press release sent by the City Constanta.
DNA announced Tuesday that prosecutors do searches at 12 addresses in Constanta, Bucharest and Dambovita, including on the premises of a public institution, in a case in which I do research on corruption offenses allegedly committed in 2011 -2013, running with leadership. "Prosecutors National
Anticorruption Directorate - Department for Combating Corruption Offences related crimes conducts a criminal case, aiming suspicion of having committed, during 2011-2013, of corruption offenses and assimilated to corruption by public servants with leadership positions in local , "reads a press release from the DNA.

According to him, following authorization by the court, are made searches at 12 addresses in Constanta, Bucharest and Dambovita, one of which was the seat of a public institution. In this case, prosecutors have received expert support from the Romanian Intelligence Service and Gendarmerie Special Intervention Brigade.

Ponta's reaction about DNA searches Radu Peas
Victor Ponta

PSD leader Victor Ponta commented premier short information searches on DNA prosecutors started when Mayor Radu Peas.
He said "I do not think 7.4 million fail to November "on the number of people who voted to dismiss President Basescu.
Also, the PSD leader said he has a high opinion Radu Peas, like most citizens of Constanta, and claimed that in 2012, after a referendum for dismissal of
President Traian Basescu, "has set off a wave of investigations" that USL is not voted in December. "searches will be everywhere. I have the same position, namely in 2012, after a referendum on that wave of surveys to the idea that, in December, they will not vote for USL and have voted., and now will vote for us. Radu Pea is a man I greatly appreciate, that has been voted many times by citizens Constanta and hold everyone else " said Tip.
Asked whether such DNA accuses political pressure, Ponta said that this is the interpretation of the media and he just said he has a high opinion Radu Peas, like most citizens Constanta.
Social housing scandal in Constanta
Constanta Mayor Radu Peas, said, on March 24, the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) it targets a new investigation on how it was built social housing neighborhood in city hall asking prosecutors several documents related investment, totaling seven million.
" I'll show you today how to make independent and impartial judiciary in the Republic of Basescu. We here address received from the DNA on behalf of the Local Council Administration building which was occupied by Henri Coanda in this neighborhood that we are asked to DNA Bucharest following file resolution, other file I was sending to March la25 purchase agreement and all related documents public procurement procedure relating to this contract, the district bitter Henri Coanda "said then Radu Peas in a conference sustained release social neighborhood.
He said he built the cheapest in Romania, but nevertheless DNA prosecutors check him all over him.
" In Constanta, we built the cheapest in Romania and I still contruiesc, to finish with all the people who are on the street, Basescu DNA controls me and accusing me and the Videanu, which bought ten times more expensive, it has absolutely nothing to do. That impartial justice., I want to ask them so these prosecutors: "Well, indeed, men, May I ask where did you think I even commission and steal 270 euros per square meter, the more we build here? ".'s normally something that happens in this country? Instead Basescu to call and take and build model across Romania as i build here as Not to be people sleeping on the street, they come to investigate me. That country. Here are all the documents that go to DNA to verify today ", said Radu Peas, who said he had not yet been heard in this case.
Asked if knows in how many cases is being investigated by DNA, Pea said she can not keep them count.
"I do not know how many files that can not hold them count.'m Like Buddhist monks. Buddhist monks are not monks like ours for life. They come, they put orange robe and monks as they stand after coming out civilians. so are my files: appear, disappear, open, close it, I can not hold them number " , added peas.
Constanta Mayor said, on April 1, as the criminal records you aim and pull the big port operators, "millionaires" who pay very little land and nearly all "have connections with former or current security".
"Yesterday I had an epiphany and I realized where the frenzy of the prosecutors in our head at Constanta. From the Port, from there we shoot for port operators, the large port millionaires, pay very less novel state land rents paid 20 years ago, paying $ 0.02 per square foot. Harbour when to auction now, to auction 10 times more. All these operators are individuals who have some privatized former state companies and nearly all have ties to former or current security , "said Radu Peas.
Mayor of Constanta given in this example Chimpex society, "which all traffic for Sidex ore from Romania."
" It was privatized in 1997 and was bought by Bali International Group, whose representative in Romania was General Stanculescu and General Dan Dragoi. general boy Dan Dragoi is the former Finance Minister Bogdan Dragoi, current advisor to Basescu., and I can May also give examples of how many companies you want., for example, the drilling platform and all discussions, Basescu's friend, where he was to visit him on the platform, which has now taken a big loan from the CEC for a new platform, another port operator, with high-ranking relations among services and the President " , said the mayor of Constanta.
Pea Radu said that the main fear is that the actions port port operators will loosen and be removed from stock.
" They are scared, primarily private, which will have 34 percent, which would put tiny profits and rents they pay these millionaires in port, for 20 years, Romanian state , "said Radu Peas .
Radu Peas and Victor Ponta
Radu Pea DNA is investigated in three cases related to land restitution , and in 2008 he was indicted for corruption prosecutors, along with other people, all in a folder with restitution, judging it to the Court of Appeal .
Constanta City Hall completed last summer the neighborhood social housing and the inauguration last block was present Prime Minister Victor Ponta. The neighborhood consists of 17 blocks, which house 906 - 339 studio apartments, 396 two-bedroom apartments and 171 three-bedroom apartments. in the 17 blocks home to about three thousand people. The total investment is about 7 million.
Radu serious Pea 2001
Who is Radu Pea
was born on July 5, 1968. In 1991 he graduated from the Navy Civil Constanta, after participating in the 1989 Revolution. During the same period became known as the leader of the League of Students Civil Marina Institute, and the founder and editor of one of the first independent weekly that appeared after the revolution.
Pea In the '90s he built a holding company with print media, TV and radio and has become one of the most popular figures in Constanta. He arrived in Parliament in 1996, but a year later he resigned from the PD. In 2000 he ran for mayor as an independent and won with 66% of the vote, re-elected in 2004, 2008 and 2012.
Radu Pea African king
In 2003, Radu Peas joined the SDP and became one of the leading figures of the party. Relationship with the party was but tense, Pea repeatedly threatening to withdraw from the PSD, because the party needs to win elections.
Meanwhile, Pea has built an extremely strong personal brand became famous for its disguises: Spartan Louis XIV, the Turkish sultan but Nazi officer - an outfit that made him known in the media worldwide.
Radu Peas Spartan
Pea displays the models, driving luxury cars, spend even a month per year in Brazil and extreme sports, creating a unique image among Romanian politicians. Made famous but the lack of respect for fellow policy: for example, Titus Corlatean, the current foreign minister, to branded a "sissy crybaby".
View a video portrait of the mayor of Constanta:
Recent years have brought problems but also mayor. They started from the Attorney Daniel Morar, Pea's vision, "chief slugoiul DNA". Since then, land scandals were held chain - without the impedance, otherwise the peas to consolidate its power in the city and, recently, in the port of Constanta, the second largest in Europe, which the Government intends to it subordinated hall pass. 

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