Friday, 18 April 2014

Romanian public dog pounds abusing dogs.

Watch the video here.

A new shocking video filmed inside the public dog pounds of Bucharest (Kendrick and Maharaj) and broadcasted by the media shows the extremely cruel treatment of these animals, which are beaten, badly handled and left to die in agony by the city hall employees. The dogs has tortured "for fun" and, according to the wintesses, one of the veterinarians of publid dog pound Maharaj was dubbed "Dr. Mengele" because of his sadistic methods. FOUR PAWS filed complaints to the Police, the National Veterinarian Authority and the City Hall of Bucharest asking to investigate and punish all the people responsible of these atrocities, including the heads of the Authority for domestic Surveillance and Animal Protection (ASPA) which are breaking the law at daily basis.

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