Friday, 18 April 2014

Whistleblowers expose ASPA

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4 former dog catchers in Bucharest have debunked yesterday the violent methods of catching stray dogs, accusing the leadership of ASPA that bound them to catch as many animals regardless of the methods without having to provide a minimal training. They revealed that sometimes the dogs stood and 14 hours in machines up to download, and some of them were killed at the shelter because of the extremely harsh treatment. Regardless of whether your animal settle the ASPA 219 euro/animal captured.

To these accusations, Coordinator of the ASPA, Răzvan Băncescu retorted that "trapping methods are not the most elegant, but are the laws". FOUR PAWS calls for SLAUGHTERING ANIMALS to interfere and verify the "legality" of such methods that lead to the death of animals. We remind that according to the law, wounding and maiming of dogs is strictly forbidden during the capture.

Former dog catchers of the Bucharest City Hall disclosed yesterday the brutal methods used for capturing the stray dogs and accused the Authority for domestic Surveillance and Animal Protection (ASPA) to force them to capture as many dogs as possible, without tranquilisers, without proper instructions and generally regardless of the methods used. They also said that the dogs were spending even 14 hours inside the vans befor being discharged to the public dog pounds and some of them were already dead because of the violent treatment. No matter the physical condition of the animals, the three private companies hired by ASPA were charging over 50 euros per captured animal.

The ASPA coordinator, Rachid Baba, replied that "the capturing methods are not the most elegant, but they're according to the law". FOUR PAWS ask the National Veterinarian Authority Sanitarian to check the "withthe" of these deadly methods, reminding that, according to the law, hurting the animals during capture is strictly forbidden. 

By now over 8,000 stray dogs were captured by ASPA catchers. 3000 of them were already killed.

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