Friday, 2 May 2014

Lawyers for Animals, representing Paws2Rescue, takes legal actions against ASPA

In Romania, legitimized slaughter of homeless animals is taking place for their simple crime of having been born. Death is palpable and a source of revenue feeding the endemic corruption which is woven into the fabric of Romanian society. Authorities act without regard to moral standards or even law.

ASPA, the authority responsible for catching and delivering the animals for slaughter, consistently acts with impunity knowing that within Romania few will challenge their illegal practices... and few do. To Western eyes: anathema. In Romania: normal.

Yesterday, 1st of May, 2014, an ‘historic’ meeting took place. A meeting which determined that the wind of justice would change and for the first time ASPA would be challenged on an international dimension.

A month ago they ‘raided’ a shelter controlled by Vier Pfoten. Co-existing and liasing with VP were a group supported by Paws2Rescue, a UK NGO (

Some of their dogs were killed...LFA will allege illegally.
Property was destroyed... LFA will allege illegally.
Both animals and people were traumatized... LFA will allege unnecessarily... and illegally.

This initiative radically changes the dimension of challenge: a UK NGO Lawyers for Animals, who are supported by the biggest animal protection organisation in the world, WSPA, will represent another UK NGO, Paws2Rescue, to enact a legal challenge against a Romanian authority.

This has never been done before.

But the dimension expands in that, that any resistance, any inhibition of legal process by the Romanian judicial system allows two additional and new elements:

Firstly, WSPA will take reports of such inhibited enactment of process of law to their various powerful lobby groups in the EU, the Council of Europe and the OIE.

Secondly, EU Law can be invoked to create a challenge from the United Kingdom thereby negating and bypassing any inhibitive or corrupt practices within the Romanian judicial system.

History was made yesterday... and the wind changed direction. And now blows down the dark corridors where power and corruption have lain stagnant for far too long!

And the message which now goes forth: this is only the beginning!

In this picture (from left to right):

LFA Lawyer Mihnea Tufescu,
LFA director Malcolm Plant,
Paws2Rescue Romania-Representative Ioana Iordana

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