Friday, 30 May 2014

Shocking. Stray dogs in Mangalia, killed and skinned. The skin used for gloves and shoes

"Serious accusations were made by an animal protection association from Mangalia. The volunteers say that hundreds of dogs are victims of massacres organized by the dog catchers who take the skins of the dogs as trophies

Wednesday, the body of a skinned animal was found in a field, near Mangalia. Near the female dog, were the pups that were left alive.

The volunteers say that they saw dozens of stray dogs hunted by two men that go around with a white van that has a Bulgarian license plate. These people want the skin of the animals that is highly acclaimed by manufacturers of gloves and shoes.

There is a high probability they are killed for their skin" - said Cristina Ivanciuc, volunteer.

Animal lovers said that the bus raced between Mangalia and Ovidiu to escape the pursuers. The van with bulgarian license plates belongs to one of the dog catchers hired by the townhall of Mangalia, and the volunteers say that he has no permit from DSV.

Eventually, one of the individuals accused of hunting dogs admitted that he transports animals. He declared that he has 6 or 7 dogs in the back and that they are destined to guard sheep. The contract with the townhall of Mangalia says that stray animals should be taken to Mangalia biobase. The healthy ones are sterilized and set free, the sick ones are killed. Tired of the authorities, the volunteers protested outside the City of Mangalia. Representatives of said institutions reject the accusations.

"It is a contract with a specialized company that deals with taking the stray dogs off the streets. We must gather all the stray dogs from this resort until summer comes", said Cristian Radu, mayor of Mangalia.
NGO members filled several complaints at the police station"

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